True adventure mixes wet and wild and overcoming that fear of heights. Check out our Canyoning Providers for a true escape.

Explore the river, navigate through the river shallows, jump, zip-line, swim through fresh-water mountain pools, slide down natural water slides and abseil in and around waterfalls as you dip down into the river gorge.

First timer, novice or seasoned at canyoning, our adventure providers have got your back. Under their professional guidance, using high spec adventure equipment your qualified guide ensures a Canyoning adventure you will never forget.

In South Africa Canyoning is called “Kloofing” where the adventure includes abseiling in and around waterfalls, optional jumps, swim through natural rock pools and all packed with fun.

No experience needed and professional guides will be with you every step of the way.

What to bring:

- Swimming clothes

- Shoes to swim in

- Towel for a hot shower afterward

- Dry clothes to change into afterward

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