How adventure sports works

As Simple as One-Two-Three



Signing Up is FREE & BOOKINGS are FREE only takes a minute. Click on the “+ Sign Up” above & select Adventure Professionals.  You will be redirected to your “My Profile” page where you can customize your own page. 


customise your home page

All the tools you need to customise your professional landing page are there. Take some time to make it stand out from the crowd and you will be pleased you did. Creating your page is intuitive & fun.


you are ready

Adventure Sports will do the heavy lifting by drawing customers, managing bookings and sending automated confirmations for you. You can view & manage bookings in your “My Profile” page even when you’re out-&-about.

You Build Kickass Adventures & Well Get the Bookings

SO lets get down to business

Adventure Sports booking management platform provides a convenient way for adventure customers to find their next adventure and connect with you. Adventure Sports provides the hassle-free experience consumers are seeking today. Adventure Sports provides convenience, security, and peace of mind.

adventure sports brings bookings to you

Adventure Sports confirms customer bookings via email that are automatically allocated and added to your daily schedule. Your "My Profile" space defines your unique brand and provides full control of your adventure business while automating workflows to ensure the best possible customer experience.

quality assurance through feedback

Customers providing reviews on the adventure they enjoyed helps you adapt your business for bigger and better experiences. We provide the tools to remove the repetitive, but all-important tasks needed to successfully run and customise your adventure business. 

Adventure Sports is an automation & lead generation platform designed to bring more business to your company with global marketing & exceptional customer support.

We did not stop there – Adventure Sports is not only a one-stop location for adventure seekers to find their next experience, it also ensures they have an exceptional journey throughout all interactions with your adventure offering.

Adventure Sports has extensive search capability with many criteria as well as geolocation to ensure your companies services are found when and where a customer wants them.

Customers can book your services on Adventure Sports with absolute ease including options to book available openings by day, hour, number of people and even to select a preferred staff member.

Adventure Sports understand that outdoor adventures are weather dependent and that cancelations are part-and-parcel of this world so Adventure Sports includes functionality for you to confirm that a booking was completed (or Cancelled) and also allows customers to reschedule through their own management page. 

Adventure Sports even caters for group booking and special requests through its integrated Quoting system. Customers can send you a quote request with their specific requirements and you can respond via the system to their request. You can also generate an invoice and have your client pay the invoice via the system.

Communicating with your customers via Adventure Sports is a sinch. Included is a simple messaging system that allows you and your customers to communicate with ease.

This summary only touched on the benefits provided by being part of Adventure Sports, so register and start exploring the full potential of Adventure Sports for your business today. 

  1. Click on “+ PROVIDER SIGN UP ” above and we will guide you through an easy and quick registration process.
  2. Provide the details requested, confirm your email via OTP. 
  3. VERY IMPORTANT – Ensure you select the correct CATEGORY (Paragliding / Mountain Biking/ etc), or you will not be found when customers search for you.
  4. After being redirected to your “My Profile” page. Attach a copy of your ID and your account will go live.
  5. You can then customise and manage your companies landing page in your own time.
YOU NEED TO BE Qualified and Certified within the adventure category you’re offering services. Have a verifiable email address & provide a VALID ID
  1. You need to adhere to industry accepted standards for your industry category. Random inspections will be made that could result is delisting your company should variances be found.
  2. Your must have demonstrable equipment and facilities.
  3. You must provide a copy of a verifiable Identity Document so we can confirm your identity. Acceptable ID include Drivers License, National ID card or Passport.
  4. You must have an email account to validate your identity via OTP (don’t worry, system will send you an OTP email during registration)

We have openings for the following positions globally:

  • Customer Relationship management
  • Admin staff
  • Regional Ambassadors 

Adventure Sports is new & growing and we know we don’t have everything covered, so drop us a note to tell us what missing and we will add it.

If your business type/category is not listed on the home page, drop us an email at and it will be added. 

This is where the magic happens. This is your opportunity to build an outstanding profile, so take the time needed and you will soon never need to worry about marketing your company again. 

Once your profile is completed you can copy your personal URL (i.e. Name) to any location you would like linked to your Adventure Sports landing page. If you wish you can add this to a BOOK NOW button on your own website to allow Adventure Sports to manage your bookings & have all your bookings in one place or to redirected customers from your own marketing media to have your clients go directly to your Adventure Sports Personal Profile page. Alternatively, clients can simply search for you on 

  • Your “My Profile” page menu down the left of the page provides all available customisation options.
  • This is where you sell yourself by providing as much information about your company as is possible to increase your chances of being selected by customers.
    1. FIRST STEP –  SECURITY – Before your Profile Page can go live (for everyone’s safety) you must submit a valid ID. Scan or take a photo with your phone and attach it as requested. Once we approve the ID you submit, your page will automatically go live. We have already validated your email via OTP on registration.
    2. Profile Settings – This is where you sell yourself by providing details about your company, including qualifications, certifications, years of experience, your personal/company story and unique images showing your team in action and the great facilities you have. This is also where you manage your earnings and payments.
      1. Important – Confirm the GPS co-ordinates of your address using the map function provided. This ensures customers will find you when searching by radius.
    3. Bookings:
      1. Booking Assignment – If you select Automatic, this will enable the option to show STAFF member on booking
      2. Staff members available at the time of booking – This will display Staff members for selection at the time of booking.
      3. Select The Currency You Wish To Quote In – The system will automatically set Currency for all your services. 
    4. VERY IMPORTANTAVAILABILITY must be set for the system to determine how to allocate appointments. So make sure you set days & time slots available & the number of appointments you wish to take in each time slot. Once that is set, available appointment times will automatically be shown to your customers for their selection.
    5. SET UNAVAILABILITY – make sure to block out the days or time slots you wish not to take Bookings either for the whole company or a particular staff member. If you do not the system will continue to allocate bookings.
    6. Set your Business Hours – Optional – this is displayed on your landing page for information purposes only.
    7. AREA CODE and REGIONAL settings are optional, but recommended to ensure you show up in any search filter a client may select.
      1. List the services you provide within your business CATEGORIES. (i.e. Paragliding Tandem flights or Paragliding Training)
      2. Specify whether you charge per hour / booking / person
      3. Set your PRICE/FEES/CHARGE RATE.
    9. UPGRADE ACCOUNT –  upgrade to purchase a Premier Listing Position in the Adventure Sports featured section of the home page and be found on the top of customer searches. This is our only charge, so please support us and in return become a Featured Provider

Adventure Sport does not charges a booking fee and customers pay you directly just as they are today.  

As BOOKINGS are FREE – all we ask is you consider upgrading to a Featured Provider from time-to-time to show your support or give us a TIP via the links on the page and allow us to continue delivering tools to help you automate your business.

Highlights of Adventure Sports features:

  • Be found through numerous search options like geolocation and adventure service type & receive FREE BOOKINGS. 
  • A customisable landing page that stands out from the crowd with your own images, video & LOGO
  • Proudly display your qualifications, years of experience and memberships
  • Tell your story and why adventure seekers should book with you and proudly display your reviews
  • Set up how, when and for which services you want to take bookings
  • List unlimited service products in any feature combination
  • Set how much you charge / person / hour / day or a fixed fee
  • Set your availability, but with the flexibility to set unavailability in advance for whole days or even time slots, for the whole company or only for individual staff members
  • Automatically assign bookings to available staff or assign bookings to staff manually. If you choose, display available staff on the bookings page so customers can choose a particular staff member at time of booking
  • Link to your existing social media sites to get those likes & reviews
  • View your bookings by calendar or list view and drill down to all bookings details and even sync with your existing google calendar if you prefer
  • You can even receive requests for quotes for those special group bookings and issue an invoice for accepted quotes

Not exciting enough for you, how about this:

    • All tools are available on desktop and mobile so you’re always up to date including private messaging with each booked client ensuring you stay in touch even when out & about
    • The system automatically confirms appointments and sends reminders to your customers via email
    • Adventure Sports will be constantly releasing even more convenience features to support you and to drive traffic to your business.

Why Use Adventure Sports

The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better.

Saves You Time

Work smarter with more time to focus on providing the best customer experience.

Safety First

Adventure Sports protects your & yours customers data.

Best Customer Experience

Adventure Sports makes finding and booking your Adventure offering a pleasure.

Be found

Gain customers while you sleep. Adventure Sports promotes your company 24/7 globally.

Better customer interaction

Adventure Sports has integrated messaging that keeps you in contact with customers 24/7.

Increase revenue

Adventure Sports not only automates your business, it also generates more business for FREE.

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